The [Your Clinic] Wiki

Welcome to The [Your Clinic] Wiki

Clinic workflows change rapidly, and it can feel hard to keep up.

New electronic medical records, new rooming workflows, new referral systems, let alone all the new staff onboarding.

The [Your Clinic] Wiki was developed by a medical resident, two nurses, and a clinic assistant medical director -- along with the rest of the clinical and administrative staff at our adult primary care clinic -- to help make all of our work-lives easier.

There have been inspiring advancements in health technology and healthcare management in the past years. But too often, these proprietary innovations don't make it to us, the burnt-out frontline workers providing care in underserved, under-resourced areas.

Well no more!

What is The [Your Clinic] Wiki?

The [Your Clinic] Wiki is an initiative rooted in health equity and justice.

It's an initiative that's working to bring the highest level of private sector quality operations work to healthcare clinicians and administrators like us.

And we're doing it for free.

But what exactly is a wiki?

A wiki is a Knowledge Management System -- a digital storage place of information that anyone can access at any time.

Wikipedia is probably the most famous example.

Many workplaces have similar set ups, but specifically for their internal workflows and task-related information, called intranets.

However, creating and managing these are often expensive. They require both time and resources that many of our clinics are unable to afford.

And that's what we're trying to change.

We believe that every patient should be able to access healthcare from clinics that are well run by staff who feel supported with modern tools of healthcare technology and management.

So what next?

First, take a look at the template posted on the website here.

You get what you see.

If you think your clinic would benefit from a Knowledge Management System like The [Your Clinic] Wiki, all you have to do is fill out this form. That's it!

Soon after, we'll send you access to the free [Your Clinic] Wiki template along with training videos advising how to set it up.

What's the catch?

No catch. It's really free.

We strongly believe that capitalist opportunism has no place in healthcare. And as frontline healthcare clinicians and administrators ourselves, we know how valuable this kind of support can be. So why not make sure everyone who wants it has access to it?!

We'll ask you to fill out surveys every now-and-then so that we have an understanding of how the resource is being used and how we can make it better. But that's it.